Funeral For A Stranger

Funeral For A Stranger

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I have seen water move rocks. I have seen thistles break through boulders.

If water and flowers can move stones, surely love can.

Becca Stevens, from Funeral for a Stranger

In this meditation on living and dying, Becca Stevens shares moving and hilarious stories about her life, love, friends, and our many families. 

This delicately formed narrative is also a window into the soul of a priest. I loved it and will hold it in my heart with gratitude for years to come.

-Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence: How Christianity Is Changing and Why


Loneliness finds connections, depair meets celebration, and fear discovers faith. Join Becca on her journey to a funeral for a stranger. God will be there.
-Don Schlitz, Hall of Fame songwriter of The Gambler


With elegant simplicity Becca Stevens escorts the reader to the banks of the deepest spiritual wellspring.   Surely she ranks among our most gifted teachers on the things that matter most of all.

-Stephen Bauman, author of Simple Truths: On Values, Civility, and Our Common Good