Jesus, Life Coach
Jesus, Life Coach
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Jesus, Life Coach

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Jesus, Life Coach: Learn from the Best
In the game of life, only one Coach will do.

Best-selling author, Laurie Beth Jones takes her uniquely passionate brand of motivational writing to a new level and lays out a faith-based program to get your whole life in shape?with Jesus as your personal trainer.

This is your playbook for success?a wealth of information and inspiration that will motivate you to excel in and enjoy all walks of life. Jones, a coach for some of today's leading CEOs, uses her skills and experience to get you thinking, working, and achieving all your goals and dreams.

The secret to success can be found, she says, in the most successful man who ever lived?a man who changed the world like no other. And by using Scripture and thought-provoking questions, Jones will show you with practical instructions how to get your life in high gear?at home as well as at work. So don't be left in the stands just watching the game of life when you can become the star pitcher, the starting quarterback, your team's most valuable player.

Laurie Beth Jones - Best Selling Author and Motivational Speaker

Laurie Beth Jones is an internationally recognized best-selling author, speaker, coach, and trainer. Her business books, written from a spiritual perspective, have received global recognition for the sound, time-proven principles contained within. As a speaker and trainer, she has been invited to present to presidents of countries and companies, business teams, government and the judicial system, churches and ministries, service organizations, and educators.

Her first book, Jesus CEO, Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership was written when she was struck by the notion that Jesus’ leadership approach with his staff (disciples) ran counter to many of the management styles and techniques being employed and popularized. As the owner of a successful marketing company, Laurie became increasingly dismayed to find invaluable human energy and intelligence untapped or underutilized. She made it her goal to help empower people by encouraging them to review the divine excellence in themselves and in those they serve.

She followed with The Path: Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life. This book, along with Path Experience Workshops, has provided inspiration and practical advice to thousands of individuals through every step of defining and fulfilling a mission. . . a mission statement that can be created over a weekend rather than months or years. Her Personal Mission is to recognize, promote, and inspire divine connection in myself and others. She lives her mission by writing, speaking and creating opportunities for you to get clear about who you are, what you were created to do, and how to live your highest good.

In, The Four Elements of Success, Laurie introduces two new approaches to the age-old challenge of working with people. The Path Elements Profile (PEP) is an intuitive and powerful communication tool that can successfully be employed by individuals of almost any age in any situation. The Elemental Team Challenge Quiz
is a diagnostic tool for businesses based on twenty-eight principles, gleaned from hundreds of proven best practices, that can help transform a team into a powerful and productive entity.

In her most recent release, Jesus, Career Counselor, Laurie Beth defines the difference between a job, a career, and work using a construct she terms as the "Twelve Dreams" for finding and keeping your perfect work. This book is more than a manual to help you identify and find the exact job fit. Laurie's goal goes beyond helping you decide whether you want to go into pediatrics or neurosurgery, or become a part-time eBay seller or get a job at Home Depot. These are details to be determined after you have found your vocare, your calling.

Between plane trips, speaking engagements, and writing opportunities, Laurie provides amazing insights and support to her team and those she coaches. For rest and recreation she cuddles Roo, her Bichon-Frise Yorkie mix, cruises the southwest trails on Texas Range, her Palomino Tennessee Walker, and joins family and friends for opportunities of casual fun, entertainment, and enlightenment.

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